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First time customers to the app

Begin by creating an App Trigger, which is located on the left side of the dashboard.  Once you have an App Trigger, begin to add audiences to certain experiences.  Click here for detailed instructions on how to begin to add an audience.

Then you will be sent to the pre-set audiences screen.  Name your new audience and then choose 'First time in app.'  Then click 'Create my audience.'

It is important to add filters to your audience to specify who you want the App Trigger to be sent to.  Here are a few pre-set filters that we have created.

We chose 'First time.'  The default filter that is already added to the audience is 'Retention'.  If there are any filters that do not apply with your audience, click 'X' which is located on the right side of the filter name to delete that filter.

Now the filters will be added to your audience in the App Trigger.

Note: Some audiences will have multiple filters.  Also, it is really important to save your Audience (click Save Audience & Continue).