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My experience is currently not connected to this App Trigger, how can I connect it to the App Trigger?

You have two options to connect your experience to an App Trigger.  You experience may not be connected to any app trigger, so you will need to add your experience.  When you are in the App Trigger platform, click 'Experiences.'  Then click 'Add an experience.' 

Scroll through the experience list and choose the experience that you want to add to the App Trigger. 


You might need to reattach the experience to a different App Trigger since it has been placed to an app trigger.  You are unable to remove an experience, unless you delete the experience completely.  To Reattach an experience click on 'Add an experience' and choose an experience that is already placed in an App Trigger.

Click on 'Add experience' and from there you will be taken to another screen where you need to choose either to Duplicate or Reattach.  For this purpose click on 'Reattach.'

You will then need to choose a new Audience and Environment.