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How do I connect an audience to an App Trigger?

Before you begin to add audiences to your app trigger, you will need to get into the App Trigger platform.  That is located on the left side of the dashboard.  You can either Add an app trigger or click on the already made App triggers.  Click here if you have not created an App Trigger.  

Now lets begin by clicking on 'Add an audience,' located on the top right side.

A screen will pop up asking you to either choose Audience or Audience (A/B Test).  Click on the Audience on the left side.

The next step will be to choose an experience and decide if you would want to either have it in draft or production.  It really does not matter which Environment you choose because you can always change it.  Under 'Audience,' make sure you choose 'Let me create a specific audience.'  If you choose 'Everybody will see this experience' the experience will automatically be applied as 'Apply to all.'

You will be sent to the pre-set audiences screen.  Name your new audience and then choose 'First time in app.'  Then click 'Create my audience.'

Then you will be directed to the filters that you will set for the audience.  Once you have chosen all your filters, click Save & Continue.  Finally, your experience with the audience will be added to the list under 'Audiences.'