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How do I add an experience to "Dynamic onboarding"?

The dynamic onboarding section is reachable via the left side bar here:

Once there, you are prompted to add an experience from the experiences you have created.  If you have not created any experiences, you will be guided to create at least one experience.

Learn more about creating experiences here.

After choosing an experience, you are able to simply "apply" that experience, and that's it!  That means that the experience will be applied to the foreseeable future.  You will need to remove an experience in order to launch another experience.

The completed experience would be displayed to all users during their first time user experience (continue in this section to learn about how to set onboarding for only a specific duration). 


You can choose specific dates that you want to launch your experience.  If you choose specific dates, you are able to apply more than one experience on the calendar (as long as the experiences are launched on different days).