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Once you've created an experience, you are well on your way to make it alive and kicking on your device, and to apply it to all your users! 

The next step will be to choose where you want to connect your experience.  From the experience studio, click on "Next-step", it can also be reached from the main platform with all experiences:



Once there, you would see a popup screen detailing what type of service you would like to apply this experience to. 

Note: You are able to apply an experience to more than one service at a time.

Here is a brief walkthrough on all of the services that we provide ( you can find a detailed walkthrough in a category for each product ).

Essentials Kit:

Our free and unlimited service that enables any app owner to add dynamic onboarding, what's new updates or interactive FAQ's into one's app.
Dynamic Onboarding - Simply choose an experience, and set it to appear on a first time user experience after install.  More about Dynamic onboarding: here.
What's New - Share with your users what is new about this version and what they should know about.  More about What's new: here.
Interactive FAQ - Answer common questions that users ask in the form of an FAQ.  This will allow your users to become more active in your app.  More about Interactive FAQ: here.

Support links:

The ability to send a dedicated short link to a customer; once clicked the app opens and displays the relevant experience.  Mostly relevant for customer support teams.  More about Support links: here

App triggers:

Elasticode's advanced capability in enabling you to deploy an experience anywhere in your app.  More about App triggers: here.