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The transitions studio

When you finished with all your screens, begin to set the transitions (the flow between the screens). You will find these buttons, 'Transition Inbound ' and 'Transition Outbound,' on the top of the screen.

Besides the transitions between screens, you have to set the 'Screen #1 Inbound' and 'Screen #X Outbound' (X=last screen).  In most cases, you just want to make sure that the main background elements, will be set as 'Move In' & 'Stays in position' | 'Move Out' & 'Stays in position' accordingly, but in this specific case we set these as 'Move In' & 'Move with screen' | 'Move Out' & 'Move with screen'.

When you click the Transition button, you will be taken to this screen:

You will need to set a transition for every element in the screens.  The first screen will be transitioning outbound while the next screen will be transitioning inbound.  

For helpful videos about transition, click on 'Support & Setup' located on the left side of the platform.  Then click on 'Academy.'