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How do I add an experience to "Dynamic onboarding" via the studio?

"Dynamic onboarding" is part of our essentials kit that let's anyone change in production for the onboarding experiences.

First, you need to create an experience, we have a couple of step-by-step article examples on how to do that; you can read more about that here.

Then, you either click on "Next step," when you are managing the experience.

Or VIA the main Dashboard

And then, go for the "Onboarding" option:

Once there, choose the relevant experience you would like to assign as an onboarding.

Last, you can now set if its "all time" or just for a specific duration (two experiences cannot overlap during the same dates).

1. An onboarding experience happens once after install (and only once).  Check out our other services as well (What's New, App Triggers, etc.).

2. You can change the experience indefinitely in production, without an end user update or any engineering.