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Adding Call to Action element

Adding a Call-To-Action button in your screen is useful if you want your users to either go to the next screen, previous screen, close an experience, or redirects to the App store.

You will find the 'Call-To-Action Element' on the left side of the dashboard, underneath the Shape Element.

Click on the button and the default button will appear on the screen.  

To change the wording in the button click on 'Click the text to edit.'  To save the text click on either the Enter or Return key.

You are able to change the text color, background color, and border color.  For this experience, we did not want to see the background and border color.  To do that click on the and then you will see this .  In the end, all you see is the arrow. 

You have the capability to change the font • text color • background color • border color • border width • corner radius • opacity

The next step after you have created your button is to choose an Action. To get to all the actions click on the lightning bolt called ' Show actions.'

Click under 'Actions' to choose what you want your button to do.  

To go back to editing the button click on 'Show properties '.

Here is the final sample: