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3rd party analytics

We support channeling events to 3rd party analytics VIA your experiences.

Currently we support these 3rd party analytics platforms:

  1. Google analytics
  2. Mixpanel 
  3. Heap
  4. Facebook analytics
  5. Localytics
  6. countly 
  7. Flurry 
  8. Amplitude


First off you need to connect our SDK to your analytics SDK, more information about that is detailed in our documentation

Now that the SDKs are synched, we can control all other aspects from our dashboard.


You can send events to your analytics platform on any of these two occasions:

After creating an experience, you can access it's settings VIA the all experiences page, click 'Experience Settings ' icon:

If you would like to state that an experience is displayed, all you need is to state in the settings screen the relevant analytics SDK you would like to send an event upon the experience display, and the event name that would be sent.


Important notice: You would only see in this option box SDK's that you previously have connected/synched VIA the SDK ( the integration stage ). 

If you would like to share an event with your 3rd party analytics, specify in a Call-To-Action button.  That information will reside on the button action settings section :