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How to use Elasticode simulator app?

Elasticode simulator app is a tool to help you watch the experience you create while working on it.  You do not need to implement the experience to be able to view in the simulator.

In order to use the simulator, go to the app store and download the Elasticode app.  

When you open the Elasticode App, click on the plus at the top right of your screen.  From there, you will be able to either scan the QR code (how can I watch a preview of my experience) or type the code in from the screen where you are creating the Experiences.  Then, click 'Next' and your experience will be downloaded to the app.  

In order to refresh or close the experience, place three fingers on your device and wait for a menu to appear. You will be able to refresh the app (necessary feature while working on the creation of the experience), or to close the experience.