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How to upload an image?

Before you are able to upload an image, make sure you are in the 'Editing Screen' of the dashboard.

Click on 'Edit' and then you will be taken to the editing screen page.

To upload an image to your screen, click on the 'Image Element' on the left side of your dashboard.

The Elements Gallery will pop up on your screen.  Click on 'Upload image' to choose the image that you want to place on the screen.  

Note: You do not need to save the image to any certain file. We auto scale the image to fit all sizes, except for iPhone 4. For the iPhone 4, you will need to choose how you would like to crop the image: top, bottom, or top & bottom.  You also have the capability to upload each image per device.

Once you have chosen the image that you want to be placed on your screen, click Go.  This will upload your image to the App Gallery.  All your images will be saved in the gallery, so you would be able to use the images for different screens.  Then click 'Add element'.  The image will be uploaded onto the screen.